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Concept of Fractals in Mathematical Modeling on Management of Adsorption Processes. Nagiev A., Alekperli F., Mamedov J.

Experiment for the Spray Drying Process Considering Concomitant Coalescence. Nagiev A., Maharramov Z., Salmanov M.

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Building the Dynamometer Card of Sucker Rod Pump Using Power Consumption of the Eclectic Motor of Pumping Unit. Guluyev G., Pashayev A., Pashayev F., Rzayev A., Sabziev E.

Modeling and Optimization of Adsorption Processes. Aliyev A., Yusubov F., Babayev R., Guliyeva A.

On Identification of Nonlinear Binary Dynamic Systems. Haci Y.

Method of Numeral Modeling of Elastic Water Drive Mode of Development of Layer. Hamzayev Kh., Babaev A., Huseynzade S.

Investigation of Free Vibrations of Viscoelastic Bodies. Hasanov A., Kurbanov N., Mikhailova N.

Application of Viscoelastic Model for Investigating Nanocomposites. Hasanov A.

Modeling of Motion Problems Based on Graph Theory in Maths. Erumit A.K., Nabiyev V., Cebi A.

Hydrodynamic Model of De-emulsification Processes of Layer’ Fluids Flow. Rzayev Y., Ismayilov E.

Identification and Modeling of the Nonlinear Dynamic Open Loop Systems. Shanshiashvili B., Bolkvadzame G.

Simulation of Animals’ Heat Balance. Mikhailov V.

Identification of Parameters of Mathematical Model Non-isothermal Processes of Adsorption Surface-active Substances in a Porous Medium Oil- Bearing Rock. Aliyev G., Ibrahimov Ch., Mammadov E.

Modeling of a Generalized Brownian Motion Based on Wavelet – Computer Technology. Chkheidze I., Tokadze L., Okromtchedlishvili S.

About Physical Informatics. Gurevich I.

Informatics Laws Restrict and Define Physical Laws. Gurevich I.

Identification of Heterogeneous Stratum Parameters in Gascondensate Mixture Filtration. Feyzullayev Kh., Khalilov M.

Graph Representation of Locked Numbers and Sequences. Sözeri V., Nuriyev U.

Modeling of Appearance of Instability of Complex Systems. Sadigov A.

On a Class of Inverse Problems for Loaded Equations with Nonlocal Conditions. Aida-zade K., Abdullayev V.

Numerical Method of Parametrical Identification for Nonlocal Parabolic Problems. Aida-zade K., Rahimov A.

Modeling and Technology of Management with Processors of Separation Oil and Liquid on the Oil-trades. Jalilova R.

Investigation of the Process of Localization of Disturbances in Unlinear Equations. Jalilova R.

Detection of Hopf Bifurcation Using Eigenvalue Identification. Mohammadi A.

Repetitive and 2-D Systems Theory Approach for Modeling in Gas Networks. Dymkov M., Dymkou S.

About Information Model of Soil Classification. Hasanova S.

Inter-Inductive Primary Converters. Labadze O.

Qualitative Precursory Seismicity Pattern in Greece: Practical Tool for an Impending Strong Assessment. Baskoutas I., Papadopoulos G., Karvelis P.

Galina Mehdiyeva, Aydin Aliyev. Numerical Solution One Nonlocal Problem. Mehdiyeva G., Ibrahimov V., Imanova M.

On the Separability of the Parameter Space of Dynamical Systems in Terms of Types of Phase Portraits. Nagiev A., Imranov F., Nagiev H.

Computational Aspects of the Method of Bilateral Narrowing of the Boundaries of the Optimum and the Variables in the Mixed-integer Knapsack Problem. Mammadov K.

Numerical Modeling of Annual Mean Hydrophysical Fields in the Caspian Sea. Girgvliani A.

Numerical Study of Vortex Nucleation in Two-Band Superconductors. Askerbeyli I., Hashimoglu I.

Methods of Computing Epsilon Thresholds in the Estimates’ Calculation’s Algorithms. Kamilov M., Hudayberdiev M., Khamroev A.

Numerical Modeling of Development of Oil Deposit with System of Wells Taking into Account the Relaxation of Deformation of Rocks. Guliyev A., Kazimov B.

Comparison Study on Smoothing Parameter and Sample Size in Nonparametric Fuzzy Local Polynomial Regression Models. Memmedli M., Yildiz M.

Numerical Approach to Analysis of Queuing Models with Priority Jumps. Melikov A., Jafar-zade T.

Research of Efficiency Functioning Common Channel Signaling Systems. Ibrahimov B., Huseynov F.

Measurement of QoS in Wireless Sensor Networks with Single Multimedia Traffic-Class. Rustamov A.

Probabilistic – Timing Performances of a Wireless Local Network with a Controlled Access Protocol. Mammadov F., Orudjeva M.

Anomalous Diffusion Influence on Chaotic Systems by Observation. Mustafayeva S.

Investigation of High Intensive General Flow. Moiseev A., Nazarov A.

Asymptotic Analysis of RQ-Systems M|M|1 on Heavy Load Condition. Moiseeva E., Nazarov A.

Consistent Criteria in Metric Space. Zerakidze Z., Mumladze M., Eliauri L., Aleksidze L.

One Nonparametric Estimation of the Bernoulli Regression. Nadaraya E., Babilua P., Sokhadze G.

One Model of Risky Asset Price Evolution Described by Gaussian Martingale. Glonti O., Khechinashvili Z.

Sobolev-Poincare Type Inequalities for Poisson Functionals. Purtukhia O., Jaoshvili V.

On the Convergence of Payoffs. Babilua P., Dochviri B., Purtukhia O.

Investigation of Output Flows in the System with Parallel Service of Multiple Requests. Sinyakova I., Moiseeva S.

Regression Analysis of Time Series vs Cross Section Data. Gorbachuk V., Gasanov A.

Strong Laws of Large Numbers for Hilbert Space-valued Dependent Random Fields. Sharipov O., Qushmuradov A.

Asymptotic Properties of the Branching Processes with State – Dependent Immigrations. Azimov J.

Evident Form of the Laplace Transformation of the Distribution of the First Moment Reaching the Positive Delaying Screen with the Semi-Markovian Process. Ibayev E., Aliyeva T., Aliyev T.

Definition of the Probability Characteristic of the System from Given Region for CaseV (2+,1–). Sadigova R.

About One Forecast Model of Stochastic Programming Based on Time Series and Genetic Algorithms. Kerimov A., Abdul-zade S., Azadova M., Aliyeva T., Huseynova R., Rzayeva U., Khalilova J.

Stochastic Maximum Principle for Switching Systems. Aghayeva Ch., Abushov G.

Stable Distributions Conforming to Kinetic Equations. Makarov V., Alizada T.


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