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Department 1
  Head of Department Ali Abbasov
  Chief engineer of the project Makrufa Hajirahimova
  Chief engineer of the project Makrufa Hajirahimova
  Chief engineer of the project Makrufa Hajirahimova
   section 1.1  Rena Gasimova
Department 2
     Head of Department Yadigar Imamverdiyev
     section 2.1 Ramiz Shikhaliyev
     section 2.2 Babak Nabiyev
Department 3 
     Head of Department  Tahmasib Fataliyev
Department 4
     Head of Department Rashid Alakbarov
      section 4.1 Javid Agashov
      section 4.2 Mammad Rashidov
Department 5  
      Head of Department Sayar Abdullayev
Department 6
      Head of Department Bikaz Agayev
Department 8
      Head of Department Alovsat Aliyev
Department 9  
      Head of Department Tofig Kazimov
      Chief engineer of the project  Shafagat Mahmudova
      section 9.1  Tamilla Bayramova
      section 9.2 Sabira Ocaqverdiyeva
Department 10   
      Head of Department Firuddin Agayev
Department 11   

      Head of Department

      section 11.1

Shakir Mehdiyev

Etibar Valiyev

Department 12
      Head of Department Madina Saidova
      section 12.1  Nigar Ismayilova
Department 13  
      Head of Department Ramiz Aliguliyev
Department 15
      Head of Department Masuma Mammadova
      section 15.1  Zarifa Jabrailova
Department 16
      Head of Department Gulnara Nabibayova
      section 16.1   Afruz Qurbanova
Department 17
      Head of Department Rasim Alguliyev
      section17.1 Irada Alakbarova
      section17.2 Rasim Mahmudov
Department 18
      Head of Department Anar Samidov

      section 18.1  

      section 18.3

Kamala Hashimova

Zulfiyya Hanifayeva

Training-Innovation Centre
      Head of Department Rasmiya Mahmudova

Department of International Relations

      Head of Department Vuqar Musayev
Department of Public Relations  
      Head of Department  Rasim Mahmudov
      section 1  Gulnar Pashayeva
      section 2  Sunbul Zalova
Department of doctoral degree
      Head of Department Farhad Yusifov

Board of Young Scientists and Specialists



Farhad Yusifov

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