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Establishment History and Structure

Training Innovation Center of the Institute was established in 2003 and consists of three sectors: Doctoral and PhD students’ affairs, Training organization, and Project Management. In addition, two centers operate under the Training Innovation Center: Distant Learning Center and Wiki Center.

Human resources

Currently more than 40 teachers are employed at the center. They are highly skilled scientific professionals and IT specialists.

Center for logistics and students facilities

The center is located on the 1st floor of the institute, and consists of 11 rooms.

The center is equipped with 60 PCs, projectors, printers and other equipments;

All computers are provided with the Internet access continuously;

Interactive electronic boards are installed in all classrooms.

Video monitoring system is available to observe the quality of the courses;

Internal TV is functioning at the center. The TV regularly reports on the center's activities and offered services, as well as ICT innovations, educational news, and other new technologies in education and etc.;

The main activities of the center

Training and examination of all doctoral and PhD students all over the republic;

Organizing courses in various fields of information technology for the institutions and organizations employees, and other persons;

Organizing distance learning courses, workshops and conferences;

Providing scientific and methodological support to the process of informatization of education in the country;

Realizing various innovative projects to perfect knowledge and skills in the field of information technology;

Certificating the knowledge in the field of information technology.

The main achievements of the Centre

In 2003-2013, about 13 thousand doctoral and PhD students took courses and passed exams in computer science;

Since 2011, distance learning courses are delivered to the doctoral and PhD students of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as well as to the students and masters of the Nakhchivan State University. Since September 2014, young researchers from Ganja city and surrounding areas enjoy the distant learning courses;

Various cources were organized for the employees of a number of ministries and institutions, such as the Chamber of Auditors of AR, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations of AR, AzerTAC, AR State Committee for Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, "Saghlam aila" Medical Center, the State Teachers College, and etc.;

The Center’s staff delievered Computer courses for school teachers in different years (Goranboy, Tartar, Gakh, Aghstafa, Goychay, Astara, and so on.), and they were presented certifications;

In 2008, tele-cources were delivered via "TV" channel, and in 2010-2011, via "" satellite TV to increase the computer skills of the citizens;

Since 2007, the center takes an active part in the organization of the annual “Republic Olympiad in Informatics among university students” organized by the Haydar Aliyev Foundation, the Ministry of Communications and High Technology, the Ministry of Education, and the Institute of Information Technology, and supports the training of the Olympiad participants;

The center provided methodological support to a number of Computer Training Centers of Kazakh, Aghstafa, Shirvan, Hajigabul, Ismayilli, Gakh, Barda, Shaki, Zagatala, and tested  computer skills of about 2000 audients;

 Within the framework of the center's innovative project, the students of Journalism faculty of Baku State University took courses on the "Basics of Information Society" in 2008-2012;

The Wiki- center delivers Wiki- courses according to the decision of the Presidium of ANAS on the “Duties of scientists in fixing, protection and development of the realities, national and moral values of Azerbaijan in Wikipedia”, dated January 15, 2014.

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