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Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS announces admits to the candidates for doctoral degree courses on specialties given below:

1203.01 - "Computer science"

3338.01 - “System analysis, control and information processing” 

3339.01 - "Information protection methods and systems, information security"


Rules of admission to post-graduate courses.


Full-time candidates for doctoral degree under 35, extramural candidates for doctoral degree under 45, only high educated students (graduating master's degree or getting five- year education) specialties getting achievement in their research work, working in high schools and different organizations are able to admit to the courses.

 Those specialists after graduating high schools have to take 2 year practical expiries on their profile.

 Young specialists can take part in contest exams only after graduating high schools (master's degree) by the guarantee of academy council of the high school (faculty).

Application is addressed to the chief of the scientific institution with these supplements;

  • - Personal record card of staff (4 photos in 3x 4);
  • - Biography;
  • - Reference from place of work;
  • - The list of research works, inventions or accounts, but persons which have no scientific - works can introduce abstract on their profile;
  • - A copy of diploma and evolution schedule;
  • - A copy of work-record cart;
  • - Passport and diploma about graduating high school are introduced personally by candidates for doctoral degree which comes for admission.
At first candidates for doctoral degree take contest entrance - exams according to the programme for high institution:
  • - on the subject of specialty;
  • - on philosophy;
  • - on one of foreign languages (English, French, German).

Entrance exams to candidates for doctoral degree courses are reliably for a year.

These exams are taken on October.

Persons, who wants enter these courses can be given supplementary 30 days holiday, keeping their salary, for preparing and taking part in the exams.

Persons given exams for PhD can be free from these exams (if it is not more than 5 years).

Entered candidates for doctoral degree are not ensured with hostels

Tel: (994 12) 5390167, (994 12) 5101260


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