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 Ramiz Mahammad Aliquliyev was born in Barda region on 20th March of 1961.

 He graduated from the faculty of Applied Mathematics of Baku State University in 1983.

 He had been working at the Institute of Cybernetics of ANAS in 1983-1988 and at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS in 1988-2002.

 Since 2003 he has been working at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS.

 In 2002 he defended a PhD thesis on speciality of ”Differential Equations” on the  subject of “Investigation of quality properties of solutions of the second order degenerated elliptic equations”

 In 2010 at the Institute of Cybernetics of ANAS he defended his Doctor of Science thesis on a speciality of “05.13.01 (33.38.01)-System analysis, control and information processing” on the subject “Methods and Algorithms for Intelligent Analysis of Text Mining”

 In 2017 he was selected as a Corresponding Member of ANAS on speciality of “Informatics”.

 Research Interests:

 Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, text mining, clustering, classification, social network analysis, e-government analysis, scientometric, distributed computing, neural networks, genetic algorithms, ant algorithms, differential evolution algorithms; bee algorithms; particle swarm optimization algorithms.

 Main scientific achievements

 He suggested a number of optimization models for automatic text summrization and text clustering. He developed new versions of differential evolution, ant, and particle swarm optimization algorithms for solving optimization models.

 Methods based on the syntactic and semantic analysis of sentences were proposed to detect various types of plagiarism (word by word, paraphrasing, changing word sequence and sentence transformation).

New measures were proposed to compute similarity of text.

For text summarization he proposed multi-criterion optimization models to select semantic sentences from text and developed algorithms to solve the optimization problems.

By using linguistic knowledge and semantic nets of words, he proposed methods for automatic creation of user-oriented text summarization and methods for evaluating the students' summary writing strategies on synthetic and semantic levels in the intelligent education systems.

For ranking web pages he proposed generalized version of modifications of the PageRank and HITS algorithms and developed the ant-algorithm.

For the study of web users' activity and automatic identification of their interests he offered models and algorithms on the basis of log files analysis.

He proposed models for optimal allocation of CDN (Content Delivery Network) servers and web contents in the global network nodes.

He proposed a model and genetic algorithm for optimal distribution of non-homogeneous tasks in non-homogeneous computer network.

To solve linear and quadratic integer programming problems and a mixed problem for Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers equation he proposed neural algorithm.

He suggested methods and indices for evaluating the journals, papers and scientific performance of researchers.

He proposed methods for synthesis of social network of researchers and organizations on the Web. He developed an algorithm for actors ranking on social networks.

An effective version of of the fuzzy VIKOR and weighted version of the fuzzy TOPSIS methods for the multi-criteria evaluation of the personnel were suggested.

He proposed approaches and methods for detection of hidden social networks in Wiki and e-government.

He developed effective algorithms for Big Data clustering.

He developed methods for anomaly detection in Big data.

He suggested methods based on sentiment, semantic and syntactic analysis of sentences for automatic query- based (user-otiented) text summarization 

He teaches "Informatics" for PhD students at Training-Innovation Center of Institute, carries out curatorial activity in the field of technical, physics and mathematics.

He is the author of 175 scientific works. 125 works were published abroad.

37 works were published in journals indexed by Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) and 55 works in Scopus (Elsevier).

He is a member of editorial board of 11 journals:


  • Problems of Information Technology (Azerbaijan)

  • Problems of Information Society (Azerbaijan)

  • TWMS Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Azerbaijan)


  • Informatics and Control Problems:  Transactions of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (Azerbaijan)

  • CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology (China)

  • International Journal of Sensors, Wireless Communications and Control (Netherlands)

  • International Journal of Information Processing and Management (Korea)

  • Turkish Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science (Turkey)

  • Communications (Turkey)

  • International Journal of Mathematical Research (Pakistan)

  • Selforganizology (China)



 He is a reviewer of more than 30 journals indexed in Web of Science and Scopus databases.

 He has been a member of the program and organization committee of international and national conferences.

 He has prepared 2 PhD. At present he is the supervisor of 5 doctoral and PhD students.

 He was awarded the "Progress" medal by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev dated 6 February 2014 for the contribution to the development of information and communication and space industries in Azerbaijan.

 In 2013 under the framework of “ICT year" in the "3rd ICT Contest Competition" held by the Science Development Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan jointly with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, his article “Differential evolution with self-adaptive mutation and crossover parameters for multi-document summarization” was awarded the 1st place for the best scientific work published in ICT field.

 In 2005 he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of ANAS.

 He is currently working as a Head of Department at the Institute.

Information about scientific works



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