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     Board of Young Scientists and Specialists


     (994 12) 510 06 98


     (994 12) 539 61 21


Chairman of Board:

       Narmin Adigozalova

Chairman deputy of Board:

       Mammed Arif Hashimov

Members of Board:


The main activities are:

  • Attracting young scientists and specialists to the research activity, and coordinating their activities;
  • Consolidate the efforts of young scientists and specialists for the solution of scientific issues;
  • Supporting the young scientists and specialists to development their innovation activities;
  • Supporting the organization of conferences, workshops, forums, exhibitions and other events with the participation of young scientists and specialists;
  • Expanding the relations with the boards of young scientists and specialists of other institutions of ANAS, other higher educational institutions and research organizations of the republic;
  • Studying existing practices and innovation activities of national and foreign research institutions;
  • Supporting involving the young scientists and specialists to the national and international programs and projects;
  • Providing the participation of the young scientists and specialists in national and international cultural events.
26 June - The Armed Forces Day of Azerbaijan Republic
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