Department №2


      (994 12) 510 42 53



      PhD in engineering Yadigar Nasib Imamverdiyev

Total number of employees


Basic activity directions 

  • Ensuring Information safety;
  • Researching biometric technologies;
  • Social networks detection, analysis and management.

Main scientific achievements

  • Scientific and methodological basis for adaptive systems that ensure the information safety, theoretical basis for the development of virtual private networks (VPN) of changeable structure, and synthesis methods were developed for distributed authentication systems of VPN users;
  • Mathematical models were developed for decision making in the fight against the various threats in corporate networks;
  • A number of methods and algorithms were developed for the synthesis of asymmetric cryptographic systems in elliptic curves;
  • New architectural basis was proposed for the development of adaptive detection systems of interference in corporate networks;
  • Several screening models were developed for interconnected information spaces;
  • Methods and algorithms were developed for the assessment of information security in the designing phase of corporate networks;
  • The methods were proposed for modeling the relationships between private data collected in population and migration segment of the national information infrastructure with the social networks;
  • A number of methods were proposed for information security risk assessment.
  • The methods were developed for biometric template protection and fake biometric sample detection;
  • The models were proposed for optimal aggregation of information in multi -biometric systems;
  • The methods were proposed for the generation of cryptographic keys from biometric data.
  • The models were developed for the management of strategy and situations of e-government information security;
  • Methods and models were proposed for the synthesis of intelligent monitoring system of computer networks;
  • Methods and algorithms were developed for assessment of user confidence in cloud service providers, and for the detection of attacks to cloud infrastructure;
  • Network traffic classification and clustering methods were proposed for intelligent monitoring system for network safety;
  • The methods for extracting robust features for the synthesis of voice recognition systems and classification data fusion methods were proposed.
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