Center for Educational Innovation


     (+994 12) 5397741

Chief        Rasmiya Sharif gizi Mahmudova
Total number of employees       17
Basic activity directions  
  • E-education formation;
  • Formation and mesurement of information culture;
  • Struggling with the Internet Addiction Disorder.
Main scientific achievements 
  • A new structural approach was proposed for the formation of information culture of a person;
  • The criteria were developed to identify information culture of a person;
  • Multi-criteria fuzzy hybrid model was proposed for the evaluation of a person according to the information culture criteria;
  • Suggestions and recommendations are developed to protect children from the Internet threats.
Other fields of activity:
  • Conducting tuition and examinations in computer science for doctoral and PhD students over the republic;
  • Organizing courses in different directions of information technologies for the employees of enterprises and organizations, as well as other persons;
  • Organizing distant courses, workshops and conferences;
  • Providing scientific and methodological support to the informatization process of education in the country;
  • Implementing various innovative projects to improve IT knowledge and skills;
  • Certificating IT knowledge.
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