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Madina Tajaddin Saidova was born in 1949. 

In 1972 she graduated from the faculty of “Automation of production processes”, Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry after M.Azizbayov. 

She began her career as an engineer in the department of Automated Control Systems attached to the Institute of Cybernetics of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences (since 2002 at Institute of Information Technology of ANAS), then became a senior engineer, team leader and head of the department. 

She dealt with the development issues of automated control systems of various applications in a number of ministries and industrial enterprises within the framework of state program "RAIS-Azerbaijan." 

She directs the implementations carried out for the establishment and improvement of “Intelligent Information Service”, which provides the institute researchers with the scientific and technical information, as well as the establishment of "Post graduate and PhD students" database. 

She leads the Electronic Library Center of the Institute. Moreover, she leads the work conducted in the direction of Exlibris on the Alephino software product and 3M technologies, including the collection, cataloging, systematization, dissemination of scientific and technical information, and membership in the Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium.

In 2015, by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, she was awarded with the “Tereggi” medal for her contribution to the development of science in Azerbaijan.

She is the author of 5 theses.

She monitors the scientific activities of the institute. 

She currently holds the post of scientific secretary and head of department of the institute. 

Information about scientific works


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