The opening of the international exhibition "CES 2020" 07.01.2020    17:47

The international exhibition "CES 2020", which takes place today in the US city of Las Vegas, will last until the 10th day of this month.

The exhibition, which will last 4 days, will present thousands of new products related to the "smart" home, artificial intelligence, 5G, folding machines, control technology, robotics.


According to the IDC research company, in 2019, global demand for smart home products grew by 24%.

Carries out the baking process using a smart pan that checks the weight and heat of the ingredients called Smartypans.

Another supplied device adjusts the grip of the Inirv oven for a “smart” conversation, allows the user to turn on the oven with a voice command and automatically turn it off when it is left unattended for a long time.

The PantryOn device is demonstrated at the exhibition, which automates grocery shopping lists with the help of smart shelves that track the disappearance of your family’s favorite dishes.

“BrightLock” opens the door of the house, revealing an example of light pulses with the brilliance of a smartphone. Users can share the code with friends who need a temporary code entry.

Townew frees people from having to bind garbage bags. These mounts themselves are sealed at the touch of a button.

Lua can turn a plant into a pet with a touchpad that shows live faces because you know that plants crave or need sunlight.

A smart AI-Plus Plantbox sowing device turns all seeds into small parts of vegetables and herbs.

Another trend in home technology is small installations for the home.

Morus Zero is a clothes dryer with a vacuum system. Manufacturers note that the device is more efficient than traditional heat-based models.

The Ring device is a portfolio of technologies designed to protect against thieves.

According to, the Athena device with a security camera that recognizes their voices is shown at the exhibition to distinguish friends and family from strangers. The device can also sense fire from afar and signal an alarm.

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