Training on cybersecurity to be held with support of Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies 03.10.2019    11:27

A training on the theme “Cybersecurity: critical risks” will be held with the support of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies, through joint organization of the ICT Applying & Training Center (İKT LAB) and IS3S (Information Security Solutions).

The purpose of the training, which will take place on October 18, is to increase the level of knowledge of company leaders about risks in the field of modern cybersecurity and how to prevent them, the effectiveness of interaction and educational activities.

Cybersecurity essentials, Information security standards, Information security tech and solutions, and Cybersecurity trends will be the main topics of the educational activities.

Heads of any organization and company can attend the training for free.

To participate in the training, you must register at this link

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