Wiki-training activities

  1. Organization of lectures and seminars for institutes and organizations of ANAS, other government agencies to teach employees the ability to work on Wikipedia.
  2. Organization of lectures, seminars and trainings  for  secondary and higher education institutions  students and professionals in various field related to Wikipedia projects
  3. Organization of work on organizing and  coordination of Wiki-groups


Wikimetric researches

  1. Analysis problems associated with Big Data in Wiki-environment and determination of their solutions.
  2. Analysis of manipulative information impact of Wikipedia .
  3. Development of applied mechanisms of Wiki technologies to electronic libraries.
  4. Development of mechanisms fight against disinformation included to the Wiki environment.

Wiki-monitoring activities

  1. Regular monitoring of contents which are contrary to the interests of Azerbaijan in the wiki environment.
  2. Monitoring  of  encyclopedic articles  about the institutions and organizations of ANAS  in Wiki environment
  3. Monitoring of encyclopedic articles about the well-known personalities of Azerbaijan in Wiki environment.
  4. Monitoring of encyclopedic articles about Azerbaijan scientists   in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages in  Wikipedia virtual encyclopedia
  5. Monitoring of bibliographic articles about scientists of ANAS in Wiki books project.
  6. Monitoring of electronic books and magazines about Azerbaijan Wiki books project.
  7. Monitoring of multimedia files about Azerbaijan in Wikipedia Commons project.

Provision of Wiki environment content

  1. Organization of contents’ inclusion to Wikipedia encyclopedia that reflects information about national and spiritual values of Azerbaijani people, historical facts, famous persons.
  2. Organization of scientists and experts’ involvement in order to enrich contents about spiritual values and  truth of Azerbaijani people in virtual space
  3. Organization of contents’  inclusion translated into Azerbaijani language to  wiki-projects  existing  in other languages 
  4. Organization of massive downloading multimedia files regarding Azerbaijan in Wikipedia Commons project.


Popularization and promotion of Wikipedia encyclopedia

  1. Promotion  of Wikipedia encyclopedia  through the use of mass media  in Azerbaijani  society
  2. Preparation of glossary booklets and leaflets regarding Wikipedia encyclopedia.
  3. Organization of Wiki meetings.
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