The resolution on establishment of  Wiki center

Wiki Center was established according to decision No. ½ of Presidium of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) dated January 15, 2014. The resolution says that the lack of accurate information in Wikipedia virtual encyclopedia about national-cultural values of Azerbaijani people, historical truths and prominent personalities creates a necessity to involve scientists, experts to this project, include objective, operative, meaningful information, audio and video materials about Azerbaijan to Wikipedia.  In the national security concept signed by the president of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev, in 2007, information security has been identified as one of the main directions.  The protection of national interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Wikipedia is an integral part of information security policy.

Also, at the general meeting dedicated to the 70th anniversary of ANAS, the President noted that " For centuries we have had  culture, art, music, carpet art and other traditions forming us as a people... Azerbaijan has a very rich history. Azerbaijani scientists and the public are well aware of it.  We should deliver our own history, the realities to the world completely.  Wiki Center is responsible for teaching of necessary knowledge and  practical skills on network technology in order to involve the colleagues of  scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS to social media tools, especially, virtual encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The duties of Wiki Center

  1. The protection of national interests of the Republic of Azerbaijan in  Wikipedia virtual encyclopedia
  2. The detection of real and potential threat sources against our country
  3. The inclusion of historical and contemporary realities, contents that  reflect  cultural and spiritual values of Azerbaijan
  4. The teaching  of theoretical and practical courses regarding  Wikipedia to specialists in  separate  fields
  5. Popularization of Wikipedia among citizens and promotion activities to involve them to Wikipedia according to the interests of  Azerbaijan
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