Department №9


     (+ 994 12) 539 87 19,  (+ 994 12) 539 90 16



     Tofig Hasanaga Kazimov

Total number of employees


Basic activity directions

  • Studying scientific-theoretical problems of biometric technologies;
  • Studying scientific-practical problems of software engineering;
  • Studying the problems of sensor networks.

Main scientific achievements

  • Existing problems of human face recognition methods and identification systems based on photo-portraits were explored and analyzed comparatively. The anthropometric points of a human face were selected, and geometrical characteristics system was proposed basing on them. The method was proposed to find the coefficient, which indicates the importance degree of geometric characteristics;
  • New methods and algorithms were developed to determine racial or ethnic representation of a human. Characteristic signs of the reference image were defined by the algorithm of calculating characteristic signs of photo-portraits and selected geometric points of the face. Characteristic signs of a random image were compared with the characteristic signs of the reference image of ethnic groups, and their ethnic group was determined;
  • The state of the art of Software Engineering was explored, and existing problems were analyzed. The methods of improving the software reliability were analyzed;
  • The methods and algorithms were developed for the human recognition according to the hand veins;
  • A new routing algorithm for ad hoc networks was developed.
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