Name    The study of informatization problems of social and economic systems
Phone    (+994 12)5397226
Fax    (+994 12) 5396121
Chief       PhD. Alovsat Garaja Aliyev
Total number of employees       6
Basic activity directions  
  • Formation of information and knowledge-based economy;
  • Green economy problems.
Main scientific achievements 
  • Directions of formation of Information Economy were proposed;
  • The impact of various information systems applied to the improvement of the performance of social and economic enterprises was assessed;
  • Characteristic indicators of innovation processes and structures were developed;
  • Economic indicators of ICT sector development were analyzed;
  • Applied issues of the informatization of economy and other social and humanitarian fields were analyzed;
  • Increasing the efficiency of the application of new information technologies in macroeconomic processes, as well as in a number of social and humanitarian areas were studied;
  • The models and techniques were developed for the formation of appropriate infrastructure for the analysis and development of e-commerce technology application.
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