Thesis on the topic "Development of scientific method and algorithms by the application modern information technologies" discussed 11.06.2018    10:56 / Conferences, assemblies

At the Institute of Information Technology, the next scientific seminar devoted to the discussion of thesis  on theme "Development of scientific method and algorithms by the application of modern information technologies" was held. The senior researcher of the Institute, Rahila Hasanova, presented thesis  work and highlighted the issues of relevance, purpose and goals.

Evaluating the scientific findings of a researcher at a time when scientific information is increasing in quantitative terms, and rewarding them with various awards is one of the important issues.

She informed about the structure of the thesis and stated that the study included four chapters, conclusion, 271 literature list and an appendix.

According to her, the current situation of science, bibliometrics  and webometrics was studied in the research and indexes used in the scientific assessment were analyzed and new indexes were developed for the evaluation of the researcher's scientific activity. Hasanova noted that new methods and algorithms for the preliminary automated examination of dissertation works were proposed in the research, and new indexes for the evaluation of scientific journals were developed. He also noted that a new method for evaluating scientific articles was developed.

Then, discussions on thesis were held, numerous questions were answered.

After all, it was decided to put the case to the next stage.

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