The advantages of Big Data technologies in e-learning have been investigated 05.06.2018    16:14 / Conferences, assemblies

The next scientific seminar of the Department No10 of Information Technology of ANAS was held. Senior researcher of the Institute Rena Melikova spoke about the advantages of using Big Data technologies in e-learning. She said that this technology offers opportunities such as providing for timely delivery of necessary information to students, improvement of teaching process, preparation of "intelligent curriculum", personalization of educational process, obtaining information on social networks, regular monitoring of enlightenment process, etc..

She gave information about the main objective of using Data Mining in e-Learning, and highlighted the scheme of its application in e-learning.

The reporter presented the classification of e-learning resources noted that here inclues the content of the educational resource, the nature of the information provided, the form of expression and so on.

R. Melikova, speaking about the application of regression methods in e-learning, noted that solving regression problems allows students to learn the behavior and productivity of the learning process, the results of the final exams, the degree of competence of the graduate, the demand in the labor market, and the level of wages after employment.

She also provided detailed information on the application of clustering methods in e-learning, analysis of data on social networks for e-learning, software add-ons for e-learning analysis, and software add-ons for network interaction analysis in e-learning.

Discussions were held around the report, questions were answered.

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