Samsung showed concept of a holographic virtual assistant 12.03.2018    10:20 / Technological innovations

South Korean company Samsung shared details about several projects in the field of artificial intelligence, which are staffed by the experimental laboratory C-Lab. One of these projects is a home-based virtual assistant-hologram.

The system, called Aurora, includes a mobile application, as well as a special device into which the user places the smartphone when he is at home. At this time, the device is charging, and inside the unusual docking station appears pseudo-hologram, depicting a humanoid helper.

Judging by the demonstration video, Aurora can understand the various user requests, maintain a dialogue, create pseudo-holograms of objects and receive calls. Also, the assistant using the smartphone camera recognizes gestures and emotions and responds adequately to them with the help of facial expressions of the virtual face. However, it follows from the video that during the operation of the assistant, the owner can not get the smartphone from the socket and use it.

According to the developers, the aim of the Aurora project is to create an assistant, communication with which would be more natural. In addition, such an assistant will be able to use the owners of various models of smartphones.

It is expected that the Aurora project and other C-Lab developments in the field of artificial intelligence will be presented at the SXSW conference, which will be held in Austin, Texas, March 9-18. 

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