Academician Rasim Alguliev: ‘’Orthography itself must be written correctly’’ 06.03.2018    09:00 / Interviews, speeches

"Orthography'' itself must be written correctly, because the word ''Orthography''  is incorrectly entered into our language."

Academician Rasim Alguliev, academician-secretary of ANAS, director of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, told Trend.

According to the academician, the root of the word " Orthography " is incorrect. The sound "ph" in this word should be "t", it should be written as "orthography" rather than "orphography"

R. Alguliyev said that the root of the word "Orthography" is "ortho". In ancient Greek, Latin, as well as in English, the root of this word is referred to as ''ortho":  It was translated into Russian at the expense of some subjective mistake, and from Russian into Azerbaijani as "orfoqrafiya". These words need self-correction. The word "ortho" means "flat", "flat", "rectangular".  Ortho apex is used in most countries, including Turkey. "Orfoqrafiya" is not understood at International level.  Therefore, this should be considered in Azerbaijan.

Remember that,  in the ''Orthography of Azerbaijani language'' affirmed by Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic in 2004, 34 words with English origin begin with ''ortho'' apex.

Let's note that most of the purchasing words in our language have such problems. The main reason for such mistakes is the absence of transliteration tables between Azerbaijani language graphics and other languages. In our country, there is a great need for adopting inter-graphic interpreting standards in order to prevent such problems in the future.

If this is done, it will prevent the occurrence of many variants of the original words from the foreign languages to our language and vice versa, ie from Azerbaijani to other languages.

For example, because of the lack of transliteration standards, the word "Naxçıvan" is written in English as "Nakhchivan", "Nakhichevan", "Nakhichivan", "Nakhchevan", "Nakhchivan", "Nakhcivan", "Gəncə", is written in "Gandja", "Gendja" There are options such as "Gendzha", "Gandzha", "Gence". In other words, the initial language in Azerbaijani language loses its identity in English.

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