Nokia created unique jacket for rescuers 05.03.2018    15:40 / Technological innovations

The current exhibition MWC in Barcelona in 2018 has been barren indeed non-standard projects. Phone-banana from “the Matrix” at all desire can not be called entirely original. As the abundance of smartphones. Beautiful, sophisticated, interesting, but not “cling”. But Nokia decided to remind the world that its development belongs to many interesting things in the past and brought to the exhibition a new “smart” jacket CHASE LifeTech FR, which was developed jointly with the fashion brand Kolon from South Korea and a software developer GINA.

The novelty looks like a traditional clothing of firefighters or police patrol, but certain aspects set it apart from others. Reportedly, the jacket is equipped with sensors for heart rate, the temperature of the external environment (for fire very need sensor) and a GPS tracker and motion sensor (aka accelerometer). However, they can vary depending on the task. For example, for police jacket can be equipped with camera or other devices. And in the future you can add CO2 detectors, environmental monitoring system and in General, anything.

CHASE Life Tech FR is distinguished by its refined design, which is in no way inferior to the generally recognized world fashion brands. However, all these spectacular details of the jacket, in addition to the designer ones, also fulfill quite definite practical functions. For example, fabric is a conductor, while reflective 3M parts made from GORE-TEX material easily pass steam from the body, but do not let rain and snow pass. Since all sensors are removable, the CHASE Life Tech FR can be easily washed.

June 15 – National Salvation Day
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