Apple patented the stylus, drawing in the air 08.02.2018    10:16 / Technological innovations

Right now the Apple Pencil stylus works only with the iPad Pro, but it looks like Apple has big plans for this device. The latest patent application of the company demonstrates a new device capable of writing on any surface, and even in the air.

This is made possible by the sensors of the camera, installed on laptops or monitors. In accordance with the patent application of Apple, drawing with the stylus in the air will be possible due to the fact that the device will be monitored by the camera in space.

The patent was called "Creating content using an electronic input device on non-electron surfaces." This means that the new stylus from Apple will be able to digitize its movement on any surfaces.

Another alternative input method, mentioned by Apple engineers in the patent, will be the use of a force-sensitive tip that will record all movements. Freedom of moving the pen in three-dimensional space will allow you to work with 3D-projects. 

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