Intel introduced smart Vaunt glasses, virtually indistinguishable from conventional 07.02.2018    12:34 / Technological innovations

Intel has introduced its new development: smart glasses Vaunt, projecting the display directly onto the retina of the right eye. Externally, these glasses look like a completely normal, indistinguishable from those which people wear in daily life. In fact, however, is a high-tech gadget, which has in the recent past by science fiction writers could only dream of.

Glasses Intel not built-in camera, frightening other people, on the case you will not find a lot of buttons, no LCD and strange glass prism, as in Google Glass, not even the speaker or microphone (at least not yet). This is a completely ordinary at first glance, a subject to which many people used in their everyday life. The only difference from normal glasses is that Vaunt projects a screen image directly on the retina.

Journalists portal The Verge, one of the first managed to test the prototype for yourself. On the outside, nothing betrays the fact that man uses smart glasses, is that a tiny red Fleck on the right lens sometimes visible at a certain angle.

Vaunt eyewear are launched in the program “early access”, as has happened with Google Glass. Only now, Intel has several other purposes. Instead of trying to convince us that “head-mounted displays capable of changing our lives,” designers and engineers of Intel are trying to change the head-mounted displays so that those most suitable to our lifestyle.

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