Artificial Intelligence will judge the photo contest 06.02.2018    12:02 / Interesting information

The contest of photos on the theme "graphic city" will be judged by artificial intelligence. It's about the image recognition system developed by the German start-up EyeEm. This is reported by International Business Times, which launched a photo contest.

Algorithms of the technological start-up EyeEm were initially used for basic image recognition and tag distribution. Now they can evaluate the image and help users select their best photos. Algorithm EyeEm has become popular all over the world for exhibiting estimates of photographic works. However, this is the first precedent, when the AI ​​will act as a member of the jury.

In order for EyeEm to better evaluate the work of the participants, the organizers of the contest are asked to clearly visualize the lines and bends in their works. The Graphic City event will focus on urban minimalism, where lines and perspective play a key role. EyeEm is not the only artificial intelligence that can evaluate photos. For example, Google not so long ago introduced its neural network Google NIMA

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