Amazon patents device that could track workers' hand movements in real-time 02.02.2018    12:00 / Interesting information

Amazon has been issued with patents for a wristband that can track its wearer and vibrate to guide their hands in a specific direction. The retail giant applied for the patents in 2016, but they have only just come to light after being granted on January 30th.

The patents cover bracelets that can emit ultrasonic sound pulses or radio transmissions to alert a receiver system as to where workers hands are in relation to inventory bins. If the employee tries to take the wrong item, the bracelet will inform him about the error with the help of tactile feedback.

According to the patent, the device would save workers time when collecting and distributing products. But,the bracelet tracking technology has raised moral questions about privacy, as they could monitor workers’ efficiency in real-time.


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