Artificial intelligence will fight the problem of traffic jams 02.02.2018    09:13 / Interesting information

Chinese technology based on AI City Brain has already been able to make the situation on the roads of Guangzhou better. Now they want to establish the system abroad of China - in the capital of Malaysia.

The AliCloud project, developed in China, wants to run for the first time outside the state. It is a subsidiary of online retailer Alibaba and is able to improve the situation with numerous traffic jams in huge metropolises with successful results. To do this, use the cloud computing power with which the City Brain system monitors the roads in the city in real time. In doing so, it signals the potential formation of traffic jams and directs traffic flows in such a way as to avoid them.

Now the technology will help the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur to avoid congested roads. Artificial intelligence will be given access to 300 traffic lights and 500 surveillance cameras installed in the city center.

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