In Singapore have developed a device that extends the life of smartphones 09.01.2018    09:42 / Technological innovations

NTU Professor Rachid the Language stated that it had developed a unique device that can extend the life of not only smartphones, but even electric cars. The technology is environmentally friendly.

Researcher of technological University Nanyang 64-year-old Rashid said that he had developed a revolutionary technology that will help preserve the life of modern smartphones. The invention requires the addition of a third electrode over the two poles in a typical lithium batteries. This third component is used to drain residual lithium ions in one of the poles, which causes battery drain. Thus, the battery can be restored to 95% of its original capacity.

The Professor claims that his invention is the greatest potential will be in electric cars. “People don’t change their cars as often as smartphones. Some change their phone every two years, and the car with the new invention will last more than 10 years,” said Professor Lang.  

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