The World's First Self-Cleaning Water Bottle 08.11.2017    12:20 / Technological innovations

An ordinary bottle-like "Quartz" with a metal case has a small ultraviolet lamp for cleaning water from microbes and other dangerous organisms.

The bottle holds 0.5 litres of water. To clear such a volume of water, you need to turn on the UV lamp for a minute - the button is located on the lid, reports. The creators of the device promise that the built-in battery Quartz will last for two months of use. The battery is charged via the micro USB connector.

The gadget is positioned for general use: the bottle can be taken to work, training and even on a hike where it's hard to find clean water. Also, Quartz works like a thermos.

The Quartz project was launched at Kickstarter and has already collected the right amount. So the first buyers will receive bottles as early as March 2018. The pre-order price is 59 dollars or 3 500 rubles at the rate.

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