The new gadget translates the language of animals 06.11.2017    14:04 / Technological innovations

Startup Petcube, whose founders are immigrants from Ukraine, plans to use machine learning to raise the level of mutual understanding with domestic pets, prevent diseases of four-friend friends, and improve their care. The company has already received $ 10 million from a number of investors, including Almaz Capital, AVentures Capital, Y Combinator and others. The proceeds will be used to create new products and expand the company's business in the global market.

According to the co-founder and CEO of Petcube Jaroslav Ažnjuk, innovative software developed by the company, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, is designed to create a "common" language between the owner and his pet. In addition, it allows you to monitor the health of pets and their behaviour, reports.

The device created by Petcube is a 10x10x10 cm cube that is equipped with a wide-angle camera, a laser pointer, a microphone and a speaker. The gadget connects to the user's smartphone through a Wi-Fi network, allowing you to track your pet online, and communicate and play with it.

Recall also that earlier "Petcube" has absorbed the Canadian company "PetBot". As a result, the startup became the owner of all the company's assets, intellectual property, and also added Misko Dzamba, the new chief engineer of the company and the founder of PetBot, to his team.

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