Physics developed the unique method of data storage 02.11.2017    14:23 / Technological innovations

A group of scientists from the University of Washington has created an unusual media - "smart fabric", which will "transfer" the data directly on clothes. More details - further in the news.

The project is very promising and can turn the world of technology, reports. After all, now you can save info on threads that can hold both electrical and magnetic charges. This can be useful, for example, to enter areas with limited access, where previously required the use of additional gadgets and identity verification devices. The novelty was presented on October 25 at a scientific symposium. By the way, similar properties of the "thread" were discovered a couple of years ago, but only now technology from theory could become a practice.

According to the project manager, Shyam Gollakota, (Professor of the University of Washington in the field of engineering sciences), this decision will make the methods of reading information much cheaper. For this, we need only a simple magnetometer, the cost of which is very low. Yes, and this device is present in almost every new smartphone.

In addition to developing "smart fabrics", scientists want to diversify the experiment and work on creating buttons, cufflinks and other accessories that can also store data.

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