The characteristics of software industry and engineering economics have been investigated 31.10.2017    04:00 / Conferences, assemblies

Next scientific seminar of Department No.8 was held at the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS. The head of the department, PhD in economics, associate professor Alovsat Aliyev said that seminar was dedicated to the theme  "Features of the software industry and engineering economics formation". One of the most promising sectors of information and knowledge economy is the software industry, he noted.

Leyla Akbarova, the colleague of the institute, who presented the main report on the subject, later drew attention to the mass production of industrial products by the large collective staff of software products since the end of XX century. Therefore, The need for planning, coordination and management of the work for their accurate economic accounting, analysis and forecasting, the productive organization of production, as well as stages of implementation and so on. are necessary. The reporter noted that multidisciplinary approach to the solution of management of formation of full and separate components of the software industry and engineering in software production complexes is one of the important issues.

Production of software products, their management methodology depends on economic resources, specialist level, technical, organizational, technological, regulatory requirements and complexity of projects, "L. Akbarova said.  She also pointed out the economic justification of the production of software products.  According to her, during the economic justification of complex software products marketing research and so on. issues should be considered for conducting or terminating a specific product software product, complete project implementation and market release in order to determine whether software product production is profitable.  

Speaking about economic indicators of software product evaluation, L. Akbarova presented the main economic issues and characteristics of their design and production.  She spoke about the analysis and prediction of economic features of software products. When realizing the development of the software complex, a realistic assessment of the initial data should be carried out, she noted.

L.Akbarova also provided detailed information on the economic characteristics of software productivity and factors affecting the economic characteristics of software products. She noted that the software product quality varies throughout the lifecycle of the software complex.  At the beginning of its life cycle Its required and realistic value differ from the price and quality of the product delivered to the users at the end of production. It is important to keep a constant record of the software products and regularly compare these data with the project's economic performance predictions.

The opinions were exchanged and the questions were answered.

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