The criteria for evaluating e-services in Azerbaijan are being investigated 05.10.2017    10:20 / Conferences, assemblies

The next scientific seminar of Public Relations Department of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS was held. The report on the "Evaluation Criteria of Electronic Services in Azerbaijan" was listened at the seminar.

The PhD student of the Institute, Aynur Gurbanli, made a report and gave detailed information on the relevance of the work, the assessment of e-services, the state of the organization and rendering of e-services in the government bodies, evaluation criteria, the shortcomings in the organization of e-services.

Speaking about the relevance of the topic, the reporter noted that the absence of a single individual identification number, the lack of information in the interactive form, and the inability to improve the methods of intellectual analysis are among the main problems.

A.Gurbanli noted that the study of the ways of creating a single system in the implementation of e-services in this area, the application of unified cloud technology for the integration of state bodies, as well as the development of methods and algorithms for the use of individual identification numbers in all services is the main issues raised.

According to the speaker, the assessment has certain purposes, including the study of the current situation and the work to be done in the organization and provision of services, the application of integrated cloud technology for the integration of state bodies, acceleration of e-services organization and others.

Then A.Gurbanli spoke about the organization and rendering of e-services in the state bodies. He said that the number of services in 2013 was 439, while in 2016 it was 444.

He also provided detailed information on the state of the e-services organization in the state bodies. He noted that the criteria for assessment are the state of the organization and rendering of electronic services in the state bodies, the level of information openness, accessibility and ease of use. Evaluation data is obtained from e-services and "E-Government" portal, as well as on-site review.

The speaker also spoke about the shortcomings in the organization of electronic services. According to her, the lack of authenticity or notarized copy of the document during issuance of the document, non-submission of the e-document, the requirement for the users to come to the government body in the majority of cases, and the lack of confirmation notification are the main drawbacks.

At the end, discussions were held on strengthening the scientific activity of the department staff, academician Rasim Alguliev emphasized the importance of raising the mathematical knowledge of each researcher, noted certain remarks and proposals.

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