An annual report of the İnstitute of İnformation Technology 23.12.2016    16:30 / Conferences, assemblies

The annual report of the institute was delivered at the İnstitute of İnformation Technology. Academician-Secretary of ANAS, director of the Institute of Information Technology, academician Rasim Alguliyev delivered a report of the institute. Scholar informed about researches conducted on investigation of scientific-theoretical problems of  information technology and formation of information society and development of its effective methods.

During the year, scientific-research activities on formation problems of  Big Data and Data mining, cloud technologies, information security, biometric technology, information society, e-health, e-science, computer networks, e-library, information economy, terminological computer science have been carried out by the colleagues of the  institute, results have been published in prestigious, impact factor journals of the world.

"This year, high computational method for Big Data clustering within existing computing resources was proposed, mathematical model and differential evolution algorithm for the creation of the optimal synopsis of texts were developed at the institute'', - he noted.

Reputation model named fuzzy collaborative hybrid IntRep for dynamic federalization of clouds based on intelligent agents were put forward, director of the institute said. Algorithm was developed for optimal allocation of computing resources among users in cloud technologies and method for efficient use of memory resources of these technologies was offered, he said.

Mass service model of information security incidents processing was developed and probability characteristics of various priority incidents processing were determined, R. Alguliyev noticed.

Model for automatic recognition of dialects on sound examples based on acoustic signs and algorithm for determination of significance degree of geometric indicators value  used in identification of person's racial or ethnic origin were put forward.

Academician informed about  state programs within the framework of scientific-innovative activities, projects funded by  the institutes representation in the current year, Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan, also, Science Foundation of  State Oil Company of the AR, representation in program committees of international conferences, in editorial board of the world's leading journals and scientific expertise activity,  practical activity on the formation of e-science and so on.  He reported about AzScienceNet science computer network, Wiki-Center, Multimedia Center, Olympic Center and, as well as, the web sites established by the institute in 2016.

Doctorate and doctoral exams based on test  technologies, training of general and professional subjects  to masters, teaching of "Science Informatics” to doctoral students were held at the Training Center, scholar noticed.  "Electronic Test System" was  established in order to hold exams via test method.

Speaking about the work done within the framework of international scientific cooperation, he said that institute cooperates  with 10 international and 38 foreign organizations. He noted that, the European GEANT network service across all scientific and educational institutions expanded cooperation connectivity in the current year with the Institute. The institute is working intensively with organizations join the association; works are underway AzScienceNet to join the GEANT4 project.

According to the scientist, during the reporting year, employees of the institute participated in the national and international conferences with 180 reports, have published 72 articles in various scientific journals. 470 citations have been recorded to their scientific works in the current year. In addition, in the institute 1 book and 4 Express-information has been published.

He also gave information about the scientific and organizational activities,  work done to strengthen the material-technical base of the institute .  He said that, "Big Data; opportunities, multidisciplinary problems and prospects", "E-libraries formation problems", "E-health multidisciplinary problems", "Application of Information- communication technologies’’ (AICT 2016) , " Application problems of mathematics and new information technologies "conferences organized by the institute were held.

Director of the Institute noted that the employees of the institute have gained access to the electronic library such as "World eBook Library," and "Global e-Journals Library".

In the end, the report was discussed, questions were answered.

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17 May – World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
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