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Irada Yaver Alakbarova was born in 1962. 

In 1984 she graduated from the Faculty of Automation of production processes, Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry named after M. Azizbayov and was appointed to the Division of ACS, Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. 

She was engaged in the development of systems for various purposes, such as a database management system "The Court of Auditors”, the corporate information system "Personnel" and participated in the creation of the portal of ANAS. She investigated the application of technologies in Azerbaijan, which carried out storage and analysis of multivariate data to support decision-making. She conducted research on methods for the analysis of aggregate data in operational systems, analytical processing (OLAP - On-Line Analytical Processing), based on the great information resources, distributed in a corporate network. Now she is concerned with solving the problem of protecting and promoting the interests of Azerbaijan in the virtual space, researching technologies of the information war being waged against the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

She teaches in the Training Innovation Center of the Institute. 

She is the author of more than 42 articles, 24 of them have been published in scientific journals.

She currently holds the post of Sector Chief of the institute. 

 Information about scientific works


Office phone: (994 12) 5399562
Home phone: (994 12) 4286607
Cell phone: (994 504259188
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