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One of the world's largest scientific databases ELSEIVER Regional Director for Turkey, Iran and Central Asia Tayfun Basal and the company manager Ayhan Sarajoglu visited the Institute of Information Technology, ANAS. The aim was to discuss the cooperation and publication of Azerbaijani scientific papers, which play an important role in the integration into the world science, in the world's most influential, highly-indexed journals. 

First, T.Basal gave brief information about the offered ELSEIVER services. He spoke about the wide range of opportunities, benefits compared with the other scientific bases which are valuable source of information for researchers. High-level organization of this work is of great importance in terms of recognition of the Azerbaijani scientists and their researches in the world scientific community: "Our goal is to benefit from ELSEIVER services by the scientific and educational institutions of Azerbaijan more efficiently". The guest emphasized the necessity of the use of such opportunities in our country and studying the practice of scientific base, as well as the importance of training and seminars in order to study the requirements defined for the paper publication. 

Establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions, the action plan for cooperation was also discussed in the meeting. 


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