nano tech 2016 International Exhibition-Conference to be held 03.11.2015    12:00

Nanotech2016 International Exhibition-Conference will be held from 27 January to 29 January 2016, Tokyo, Japan.

Nanomaterials, IT and electronics, Biotechnology, Environment and energy, Nano Evaluation and Measurement, MEMS, Nano Fabrication Technology will be exhibited at the event.

The exhibition has been held annually since 2002 in conjunction with other thematic exhibitions of Nano Bio Expo, neo functional material, ASTEC and is very popular among the Japanese and foreign visitors and exhibitors. In 2015, it was attended by more than 47,649 professionals from 14 different countries, and 567 companies participated in the exhibition. The total exhibition area is exceeding 7,200 square meters. m. In 2016, about 600 participants are scheduled to take part.

Participants of the International Informatics Olympiad visit the Carpet Museum
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