Afruz Mukhtar Gurbanova was born in 1962.

In 1984 she graduated from “Applied mathematics” faculty of Azerbaijan State University. At the same year, she was assigned as programmer at the Automated Control Systems Department of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.

From 1984 to 2004 she worked as programmer, research officer.

She participated in creation of the new version of portal. 

Since 2004, she is the chief of sector in Department N 16.

She participated in the creation of websites of various organizations.

She conducts research on the development of methods and algorithms for the establishment of terminological information systems in Azerbaijan. She is author of 11 scientific papers and 1 express information.

She conducts pedagogical activity at Training Innovation Centre of the institute.

Information about scientific works

Business phone: (994 12) 5371896
Home phone: (994 12) 4219007
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