Name    Department №17
  Phone:    (994 12) 5390167
  Head of structural unit:    Rasim Mahammad oglu Alguliyev Doctor of Technical       Sciences, Correspondent member of ANAS
  Total number of employees:       12
  Main area of activity of the structural unit:
  • Scientific and theoretical problems of the information society;
  • Internet study;
  • Internet regulation;
  • E-government;
  • Information Economy;
  • Information warfare;
  • Social networks;
  • New media.
  Main scientific achievements of the structural unit:
  • The methods and algorithms were developed for web usage mining on the basis of log files;
  • The methods of spam fighting were developed;
  • The problems of legal regulation of the Internet were studied, and appropriate proposals were worked out;
  • The basic principles of e-government establishment and its efficient management were studied and analyzed comparatively;
  • The methods of content analysis of GIS technology and information space were proposed as a feedback mechanism of e-government management;
  • The methods and algorithms were developed for the analysis of information warfare technologies in
  • Wiki-space;
  • The method and algorithm was developed for the detection of latent social networks in Wiki-space;
  • The method and algorithm was developed for the efficient application of multimedia resources in information confrontation;
  • The method and algorithm was developed to define the suitability of the content for the information impact collected in Wiki-space;
  • Internet addiction issues were studied, and the methods were developed against them;
  • The prospects and problems of the Internet of Things were studied, and appropriate recommendations were drafted out;
  • Market economy transformations in the Information so-ciety were analyzed, some results were obtained;
  • The proposals were drafted out for the protection of Intelligence property rights on the Internet;
  • Internet- media formation was studied, and some proposals were worked out;
  • Philosophical, social, psychological, political, economic, cultural, and ethical aspects of the Internet were analyzed, and some results were obtained;
  • The course on the “Fundamentals of Information Society” was organized in Azerbaijan for the first time, and taught for Baku State University Journalism faculty students in 2008-2012 as a pilot project.
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