The company Bose showed a prototype of augmented reality headphones 13.03.2018    15:50 / Technological innovations

Augmented Reality (AR) is conquered by several companies, including such giants as Microsoft and Magic Leap. All of them are engaged in the image and produce glasses. The more surprising was the announcement of Bose, which produces audio devices. She demonstrated sunglasses with a built-in audio system of augmented reality.

Representatives of the company said that they could easily release AR-headphones separately, but this gesture does not meet their goals. First of all, they tried to show that the technology can be adapted to any accessories, which will increase their versatility.

A distinctive feature of Bose sunglasses is their device. They transmit sound thanks to the tiny speakers that "project" the sound into the auricle. A built-in IMU sensor (inertial measuring unit) communicates with the GPS transmitter in the phone to determine where the device owner is and what it is looking at.

The prototype was presented by the company at the SXSW exhibition in Austin, which is taking place now in Austin. The journalists of the Engadget edition checked the device on themselves and shared their impressions. According to them, the glasses worked correctly and only failed once for the entire period of use. They determined what the user is looking at, and by double clicking on the frame reproduced information about the location.

For example, when the journalist looked at the restaurant El Naranjo and asked for information, a voice was heard from the speaker, listing the schedule of the restaurant, its menu and the names of the chefs. Bose glasses are also equipped with a special function, thanks to which the sound is reproduced in relation to the requested space. For example, if the station is on the left, then information about it will be heard from the left speaker.

The company believes that sound augmented reality is a promising direction, therefore, they offer cooperation to all interested producers. Now Bose has a fund of $ 50 million, which should lure potential partners.

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