Singapore to introduce drone law 12.03.2018    17:00 / Interesting information
Singapore's ST Kinetics intends to create a non-military aircraft with various types of firearms.
The platform plans to present the first prototypes of the unmanned aerial vehicles to the next year. One of the first things to do is to stinger the four-seater arrowhead. The ultra-thin imminent thermocouples, camcorders with high output and stroke machine ST Kinetics Ultimax 100 Mk.8 caliber caliber 5.56 mm at the store with patrones. The expected duration of the cycle, Stinger, is 30 minutes, and the weight of 60 kg is evaluated by Jane's 360. More details about the future drones and uses are not reported.
For the dron can be effectively used for the drum, developers prestoit create a special system for the sake of compensation for the machine gun. The company has already provoked a riot of experiments, which has proven its ability to realize the concept of drone with a machine gun.
June 15 – National Salvation Day
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