Meeting of the Scientific Board of Institute of Information Technology held 06.03.2018    15:00 / Conferences, assemblies

The next meeting of the Scientific Council was held at the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS.

Director of the Institute, academician-secretary of ANAS, academician Rasim Alguliev highlighted the issues on the agenda.

Head of Education Department, PhD Farhad Yusifov gave detailed information about the applicants admitted to the dissertation for the preparation of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Sciences in the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS in 2018. By the decision of the scientific board, scientific directors of PhD students and research topics were approved.

Speaking about participation of institute staff in grant projects, R. Alguliyev said that in our country, the state-funded science funds have opened wide opportunities to support the activity of scientists operating in the republic and to create additional opportunities, and have regularly announced competitions. The scientist advised the Institute staff to actively participate in projects across the country and internationally, to stimulate scientific activities and engage in competitive research.

Deputy director of the institute Shakir Mehdiyev spoke about the institute's representation in social networks. Mehdiyev noted that the active promotion of the activity of the organization in social networks is one of the important issues and said that the institute had Facebook and Twitter pages in Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages. The speaker also sang his proposals to increase the number of the institute's audience on social networks.

Then the application of getting asssociate professor academic title of some staff members of the institute was considered. By the members of the Scientific Board on ballot, PhD Bikas Agayev, Rena Gasimova, Lyudmila Sukhastat on the speciality of "System Analysis, Management and Data Processing" and Doctor of Philosophy on Political Sciences Elshad Hasanli on the speciality of "Political Institutions, Ethnopolitical Conflict, National and Political Processes" was recommended to apply on granting the academic title of the associate professor under the High Attestation Commission.

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