New smartphone protects its owner from shadowing 01.03.2018    15:04 / Technological innovations

A team of specialists from DarkMatter has developed a smartphone that can prevent surveillance of its owner. To do this, it simply turns off the power to the microphone and the gadget's camera when someone is talking privately with someone.

The newly developed smartphone Katim runs on the Android operating system and can guarantee encryption of calls and Internet messages. The gadget was shown to the public at the Mobile World Congress. The creation of the device involved an organization specializing in computer security, which is located in the Middle East.

When large companies or organizations conduct important negotiations, their participants are forced to leave their smartphones in another place in order to avoid information leakage. This development can provide protection in this situation - for this you need to press the button on the side panel of the smartphone and its camera with the microphone will automatically turn off.

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