Chinese ATMs will introduce a new method of biometric authentication 12.02.2018    10:32 / Technological innovations

The fourth-largest bank of China, the Bank of China Hong Kong, announced the introduction of authentication using the finger veins in its 160 ATMs. In the future, the bank plans to introduce such a method of biometric authentication for 400 ATM. The system uses the near-infrared LED to scan and identify the unique pattern of the user's finger veins and compare it with the sample stored in the system file. Clients will need to register only once so that the system "remembers" their veins patterns.

Authentication for finger veins is considered safe and reliable, as each person is unique, does not change over time and is extremely difficult to reproduce. In addition, the scanners used by the Chinese bank will work even if the skin on the fingers of the user is damaged.

It is noteworthy that already 10 thousand customers have registered to use the new authentication system. At the same time, the new option will be just an addition to the usual six-digit passwords.

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