A "perpetual" battery was developed 12.01.2018    09:50 / Technological innovations

Ossia has developed a AA battery that never sets. The Ossia Cota system uses a transmitter that emits electricity along the straight paths through the air to the antenna in the battery. Thus, the battery can be charged from a distance of up to nine meters, without using any wires.

Imagine wi-fi-internet, "say the developers. "The Cota transmitter is like a wi-fi router in the house. You have many low-power devices, one of which can be an AA battery. Inside it there is electronics, which receives power from this transmitter " In the future, developers plan to use the technology in smartphone batteries. The company hopes to cooperate with large smartphone manufacturers to integrate Cota into battery devices.

If this project becomes a reality, it will bring not only convenience for consumers, but also a great benefit to the environment, given the danger of disposing of batteries.


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