A small tablet can replace a whole diagnostic laboratory 11.01.2018    10:07 / Technological innovations

Melbourne Royal University of Technology created a unique capsule. It must be swallowed to obtain a complete analysis of the concentration of gases in the body. The capsule captures oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide present in the human intestine, and also sheds light on the composition of the intestinal microflora, Zee News reports.

This is a powerful diagnostic tool that can tell about the effect of diet or medications. The device is absolutely safe. It consists of an impenetrable polyethylene shell, inside of which are hidden sensors working in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, temperature sensor, microcontroller, transmitter and batteries.

Experiments with the capsule have shown: for example, oxygen is actively released in the stomach, and then its concentration in the intestine falls. And this information was accurately transmitted by the wireless channel to the mobile phone every five minutes.


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