CES 2018: SanDisk showed the world's smallest USB flash drive 1 TB 10.01.2018    02:43 / Technological innovations

Every year at CES, in addition to presenting televisions, laptops and other gadgets, companies compete in who can accommodate more memory in one flash drive. And this year SanDisk showed a prototype gadget, which will be the world's smallest USB-C flash drive on 1 TB.

The title of "the most capacious in the world of flash drives" refers to last year's Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT at 2 TB, but the SanDisk prototype is much smaller than Kingston's solution.
In addition, the SanDisk prototype received a USB-C interface (whereas Kingston uses an already old USB 3.0), which means that you can use it to transfer data not only between ordinary computers, but, for example, directly between Android smartphones.

At the moment, the flash drive is just a prototype (albeit a working one), without the announced price or release date. And, perhaps, it's for the better: considering that a full-size 1 TB USB-C SSD is already worth about $ 350, it's hard to imagine that the SanDisk model will be available soon.


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