Microsoft will create a "card" of the human immune system 09.01.2018    11:00 / Interesting information

The Redmond IT giant acquired the startup Adaptive Diotechnologies, in conjunction with which it plans to compile the most detailed map of the human immune system. With its help, it will be possible to read and record all the pathological changes in the body - this will allow physicians to make diagnoses as accurately as possible.

Adaptive Biotechnologies is engaged in sequencing the genome and bioinformatics, and by joining forces with Microsoft, is going to bring its research to a new level.

"The state of the immune system can tell a lot about human health. Now it sounds like a fantasy, but what if we could count all this data? "- the head of the research department of Microsoft's AI questions.

Specialists of both companies have already started working on developing a concept of technologies that can help them decipher the human immune system, and argue that "every immune cell will be studied." After this, the obtained data will study a special AI algorithm that will determine the connection of T cells in the human body and reveal the relationship between them and various diseases, and then produce a "map" that scientists and physicians can study.

In the future, the map will create a universal blood test, which will help to identify all pathologies in the early stages.

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