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Elon  Reeve Musk  - Canadian-American entrepreneur, innovator, engineer, inventor, business tycoon investing in grandiose innovative projects.

The founder and CEO of SpaceX, Tesla Motors, co-founder of SolarCity, PayPal personally participated in the development of new technologies in alternative energy, the design of eco-friendly electric vehicles, and economical solar power plants. He dealt with the creation of artificial intelligence of the superhuman level of OpenAI, the conceptual high-speed (twice the speed of the aircraft) transport system Hyperloop, the design of spacecraft designed to realize his main goal - a journey to Mars.

The recognized genius of our time is inherent in such personal qualities as perseverance, well-developed critical thinking, accurate analysis of events and own actions, high diligence and efficiency. It is well known that Mask worked until a hundred hours a week. 

Childhood of Elon Mask

A billionaire was born in the South African city of Pretoria on June 28, 1971. He was the eldest of three children in the family of engineer Errol Mask, an Englishman, a native of South Africa and an expert in the dietary field of Maya Mask, of Canadian-British descent. Elon has a younger brother Kimball, born in 1972, and sister Tosca, born in 1974. After the parents' divorce in 1980, Elon first stayed with his mother, and then asked to live with his father.

Elon learned to read early and spent most of his free time doing it. He often withdrew into himself and did not like the company. Throughout his youth, Elon was constantly harassed by peers. Once he was even hospitalized because of a loss of consciousness, after he was brutally beaten by a group of boys.

At the age of 9 he received his first Commodore VIC-20 computer, got interested in writing programs, learned programming languages. At the age of 12 he himself created a video game shooter, which he sold for $ 500. His first fee, he did not spend on sweets as a little boy, and invested in the company's shares, which soon could sell more. And with this sum he was able to realize his dream and move to another continent.

Education of  Elona Mask

The key episode in the biography of Mask, which marked the beginning of his stunning success story, is the decision to immigrate from South Africa to the US, which he took just before his 18th birthday. However, at first he was able to leave not to the States, but to his mother's relatives in Montreal in neighboring Canada. There he obtained citizenship and worked for about a year on low-skilled jobs, on the verge of poverty.

In 1990, an ambitious young man entered one of the most prestigious universities in the country and the world - the University of Queens in Kingston. And two years later he moved to the American University of Pennsylvania. Having graduated from it, he became the owner of a bachelor's degree in two disciplines - physics and economics. Then an outstanding young man became a graduate student at Stanford University with a view to obtaining a doctorate in physics, but left his studies to do business.

The beginning of the career of Elona Mask

In 1995, in partnership with his brother Kimball, Ilon established the first IT company Zip2, specializing in developing programs for publishing news content and supporting websites. He not only worked from early morning until late at night, but also lived in a rented office.

However, his perseverance and perseverance paid off handsomely. The Internet was then in a boom period, and in 1999, the brothers sold their startup for a record $ 307 million to AltaVista, the search engine that Compaq subsequently acquired. Received 20 million dollars (after paying taxes and kandominimum), he spent, among other things, the purchase of a sports car McLaren F1 and 12-seat aircraft Dassault 900.

Later, he admitted that, as a student, he decided to engage in spheres of activity that could change the world. The most important branches that should have the greatest impact on the fate of mankind, he found the Internet, the colonization of space and renewable energy. He embarked on their conquest.

Elon Mask and PayPal

The next Internet project of Elon was the startup X.com, established in 1999. A year later, he merged with the rival company Confinity. In 2001 - X.com was renamed to PayPal.

They worked on such a promising idea as electronic payments, creating as a result one of the leading payment systems of our time - PayPal.

Despite some disagreements between the two teams, the number of users of the service has grown dynamically. This was facilitated by the implementation of progressive policies and the introduction of innovative models, for example, in terms of protection from viruses. A logical conclusion to the success was the purchase of the eBay system in 2002 for $ 1.5 billion. The Mask's share was about 180 million.

Now he had enough money to tackle his plans for solar energy and space.

Elon Mask and TESLA

In 2004, the billionaire joined the company Tesla Motors, founded by two inventors. She positioned herself as a manufacturer-pioneer of serial electric cars.

He was involved in the release of the sports car Tesla Roadster based on the English Lotus Elise. On his initiative, the weight of the model was substantially minimized, the battery compartment was improved, and new design elements were introduced into the design of the headlights. For this work Elon received an award in the field of ecology Global Green-2006, and the amount of investment in the project reached one hundred million local currency.

Despite the complexities in business development and miscalculations that forced Elon to fire some employees and even sell their sports car, the company avoided bankruptcy. Critical investments are investments in the German auto-corporation Daimler, as well as granting a soft loan on the initiative of the US Energy Ministry.

The financial success of the company contributed to the production of the premium sedan of Model S. Interest in the development of the billionaire provoked participation in the debate with a correspondent for the New York Times. As a result, only half a year of 2013, 10.5 thousand electric cars were sold.

A successful entrepreneur is also involved in the development of charging stations for electric vehicles. In the sphere of his interests development of the project SolarCity, whose founders were his cousins Reeve. The company specializes in the installation of solar power plants. The capitalization of SolarCity is estimated at $ 3 billion.

Elon Mask Today

The philanthropist who dreams of conquering Mars in 2012 first announced his plans to create a new type of transport, the 5th in a row (after rail, road, sea and aviation) or Hyperloop (hyperpipe), capable of carrying out subsonic air flights twice faster than traditional aircraft.

The system, in which it is planned to use the pipeline in the form of a pipe, will be mounted at a 20-meter height. It will be able to eat from the energy of the sun and move passengers safely and at any time convenient for the user.

The construction of a 5-mile track he started in 2016. The distance of 600 kilometers between Los Angeles and San Francisco can be overcome in 30 minutes.

In January 2016, the inventor announced his intention within a maximum of 3 years to create an electric vehicle capable of driving a distance of 4,000 kilometers from Los Angeles to New York without a driver. Earlier, Tesla CEO informed the media that they had taught their car to park on their own and drive into the garage.


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