Robot courier tested on the streets of Italy 29.12.2017    10:00 / Interesting information

Two-wheeled drone courier YAPE, developed by the Italian company e-novia, passed the first tests on the streets of Italy in early December. The device is being prepared to be presented at CES in January 2018.

YAPE uses GPS, video cameras and range-lasers for autonomous movement through the streets of the city. It is also wirelessly connected to sensors located throughout the city to monitor various parameters - in particular, traffic lights and traffic flow.

Users will be able to call a ground drone using a mobile application. When the device reaches the customer's location, the latter can place up to 70 kilograms of cargo in a special compartment (with a lid) and then drive the desired destination into the program. Then YAPE will set out; it is equipped with electric motors and a battery pack, which allows you to drive up to 80 km on one charge. Basically, it moves along sidewalks and bicycle paths - at a speed of 6 to 20 km / h.

Then, when the drone reaches the destination, the receiver will be able to open the corresponding cargo bay - for this, the person must be registered in the YAPE system and use the face recognition function.

The first part of the road tests was conducted in the Italian city of Cremona in early December. Now e-novia is preparing to present the drone at CES in January.


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