The computer keyboard was moved to virtual reality 08.11.2017    09:00 / Interesting information

Logitech, which manufactures peripheral devices for PCs, has developed a system for integrating a physical keyboard into virtual reality, which allows you to type text and control the interface in a VR helmet.

According to N + 1, the prototype of the system presented by the company uses the HTC Vive's virtual reality helmet, a special controller that is fixed to the keyboard and allows tracking its position relative to the helmet, as well as the software with which the virtual reality creates models of the keyboard and hands of the user .

Judging by the demonstration video, the user can choose from several options for displaying the keyboard in a virtual reality. Also, the software allows you to display only the keys used in keyboard combinations in the active program.

Currently, the company is testing a beta version of the system and until mid-November accepts applications for the supply of a prototype from application developers. After closing the receipt of applications Logitech plans to send 50 developers kits consisting of a keyboard series Logitech G, controller and software. The timing of the commercial version of the system is not specified, but it is known that the price of the kit will be $ 150.

Note that researchers from different countries are working on various technologies for interacting with virtual reality. For example, in April of this year a group of researchers from the Hasso Plattner Institute (Potsdam) presented a system that simulates the sensations of interacting with walls and massive objects in virtual reality with the help of muscle electrical stimulation.

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