The first molecular computer on synthetic polymers was created 06.11.2017    15:00 / Technological innovations

French scientists from the Sadron Institute successfully encoded and then read the word Sequence (it was presented in ASCII code) using a sequence of synthetic polymers. Thus, they proved that in polymer molecules it is possible to store information, and it will occupy 100 times less space (physical) than on conventional hard disks.
To encode information into polymers, two different types of monomers ("bits") containing phosphate groups are used. The first type denotes unity, and the second denotes zero. After every eight monomers there is a molecular separator NO-C (separator), marking a byte.

To decrypt the information, each byte is first "separated" at the location of the separator. After this, the phosphate bonds between the monomers are destroyed, and the monomers themselves are identified using a mass spectrometer.

Now it takes several hours to encode and read the information. But according to scientists, the problem is solved - for this it is necessary to automate the synthesis of polymers and sequence analysis.

The next goal of scientists is to create the first "molecular diskette" - a molecule of a larger size. It can store several kilobytes of information, for example, a page of text.

Note that another group of European scientists also develop biocomputers and after 5 years is going to present a solution based on proteins of myosin and kinesin. It will work, like quantum computers, on the principle of parallel computing. At the same time, developers are planning that the "protein" computer will surpass the performance of quantum machines.

However, researchers from the Sadron Institute believe that their development is better suited for mass application, since it is easier to work with synthetic polymers than with biological polymers. 

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